Amanda Rowan's Portfolio


  1. Sun Set Shoot in LA with Sam Morgan

    Date 28 Feb 2017
    I first met Sam on set for a film for Elysium Bandini Studios. He was surrounded by a group of girls, amused and laughing.  They were amused and laughing because he is clearly gorgeous and also disarmingly kind.  As I got to know him better it became clear that Sam…

  2. Womans March in the City of Angels 1/21/17

    Date 22 Jan 2017
    If you knew me at sixteen you would have known a real push-up bra, burning feminist. I was a total drama geek in bell bottoms with long, red hair and a camera around my neck. I was smart, outspoken and creative (if I do say so myself), and I was…

  3. Kate Freund

    Date 22 Nov 2016
    Selected photos and interview with the whimsical Kate Freund A: Hi Kate! What’s your sign?  K: Cancer- and the symbol is a “crab”. Way to go astrology. Thanks for going with a disease and an animal that is also associated with an STD. Sounds great.   A: LOL!  Ya- I’m a…

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