Amanda Rowan

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$2000.00 USD

1/1 unique NFT's, "Pedestals.” Link in bio. Available for purchase on Open Sea! These four represent the original images that the future minting of this series will be based on. Originally shot on 4x5film. I am offering these images to solidify my belief that cryptography will unite artists, collectors, and investors in the future of our digital world! We are entering a thrilling new phase of art collecting where your art collection can be diversified by including new media that can be enjoyed in the #metaverse! ✨The concept of this first drop, "Pedestals”, is an homage to the aesthetic of the current NFT space. These color-blocked images harken to abstract and pop artists of the 1950s and 1960’s paralleling this futuristic art moment! Highlighting the minimalist symbols of the pedestals from my prominent work, “Ritual”, I am questioning what it is we value and place on pedastals. #women #art #power #money. My hope with this project is to honor the future possibility of the union of my work and collectors through the secure blockchain. ✨
I will be dropping more NFT's in the coming months. If you have a particular image and would like a unique NFT minted, please feel free to contact me directly for availability and pricing. 

0.5 ETH ($2,264.18)

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