Amanda Rowan

"This my dear, this is what you wear when you and your lover are having dinner at home." -Vicky Fisher 1922-2015

Dinner at Home is a collaborative photo project with my late grandmother, Vicky fisher, that re-interprets the intimate contents of her walk-in closet through landscape and self-portraiture. She was the head buyer for Saks 5th avenue and a New York City fashion icon. She went on to run the showrooms for bejeweled bag designer, Judith Leiber, and couture boudoir designer, Lucy Anne. Inspired by her vibrant energy as a powerful matriarch and businesswoman, these images document the runway collection of Lucy Anne's pastel peignoir sets from the 1960's that had been perfectly preserved by my grandmother in tissue and mothballs. After her passing, I began to breathe life into these garment with colorful images that manifest my desire to let her spirit live a new. Examining the domestic archetype of the perfect 1960's homemaker, these outfits harken to a complicated time for female power. This project explores the duality of being the fantasy, dressed like a submisive doll, ready to serve dinner and possibly ones self for dessert, and the freedom and control one can feel from wearing lingerie. I explore this duality through ambiguous movement that beg the question; is she flying or falling?.  

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