Amanda Rowan's Portfolio

Amanda Rowan is a photographer and art director currently living and shooting in Los Angeles, California. She graduated cum laude from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her portraits include international artists, performers and pop celebrities alike. Her visual style is both intimate and heightened, with an emphasis on color and beauty.  Her fine art work examines themes of celebrity, identity, and femininity.

Born Backstage, the Book

Daughter of Grammy winning bluegrass and country legend Peter Rowan, she began shooting rock concerts during high school. Her long term portrait series "Born Backstage", chronicles artists and performers who are all the children of folk and rock legends such as The Grateful Dead, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Beatles, Frank Zappa and many more. Amanda was able to connect with her subjects as only an insider can, to bring us this personal and captivating collection of original images and candid interviews to life. The project has evolved to include over 50 subjects, and has preview at the Wall Street Gallery L.A.  The project and forthcoming publication is culminating in a book. 

 Branding and Marketing

Rowan's distinctive visual aesthetic and mastery of lighting, combined with her knack for shooting people, makes her a highly in demand commercial photographer shooting campaigns as well as corporate branding. She has run a boutique marketing and publicity photography company for the last eight years. See full client list for more details

Comercial Client list

Disney, GrubHub, New York Times, ChowNow, I Love Taste, People Magazine, MetoWe, The Doctors, NBC, HBO, Hilton Entertainment, Sotheby's, iDress, Tough Guppy Productions, Art of Elysium, Ronald McDonald House and Smart House, to name a few.

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