Amanda Rowan

Growing up in the post-Summer of Love, folk, and rock scene of the Bay Area, I was exposed to many prolific musicians and artists. I was raised with a reverence for counterculture and an awareness of my second-hand fame from a young age as the daughter of acclaimed Bluegrass icon, Peter Rowan. In 2014, I started to explore my relationship with creativity and recognition in a documentary series titled "Born Backstage". This project chronicles artists and performers who are all, like me, the children of folk and rock legends from the 60's to today such as The Grateful Dead, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Beatles, Frank Zappa, and many more. The subjects in these images have been chosen for their talent and perseverance to find their expression as artists. Through photographs and interviews, this project examines the journey to express one’s own creativity, and the privilege and challenges of growing up with fame, in the world of sex, drugs, and rock roll. The project has evolved to include over 50 subjects and has been previewed at the Wall Street Gallery in L.A. The series and forthcoming publication is culminating in a book.

Diva Zappa, Actress/Visual artist. Daughter of Frank Zappa. Shot in Laurel Canyon, Ca.

Keelin Garcia, Artist. Daughter of Jerry Garcia, lead guitarist and singer for the Grateful Dead. Shot in Marin County, Ca.

Salvador Santana, Musician. Son of Carlos Santana. Shot in Malibu, Ca.

Amber Jean Yong, San Francisco, Ca.

Anna Waronker and Rachel Haden of the band, That Dog. Daughters of record producer, Lenny Waronker and jazz musician, Charlie Haden. Shot in Hollywood, Ca.

Teddy Thompson, Musician. Son of Richard Thompson of the band, Fairport Convention, and singer, Linda Thompson. Shot in NYC.

Sean Lennon, Musician/ Composer. Son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Shot in Hollywood, Ca.

Inara George, Singer/Songwriter. Daughter of Lowell George of the band, Little Feat. Shot in Los Angeles, Ca.

Grahame Lesh, Musician. Son of Phil Lesh, base guitarist for the Grateful Dead. Shot in Marin County, Ca.

Georgia Dolenz, LA.

Molly Anne Fishkin, Fashion Stylist. Daughter of record producer, Paul Fishkin and Goddaughter of singer, Stevi Nicks.

Chris Stills, Musical/ Actor. Son of Steven Stills of Crosby, Stills & Nash. Shot in Hollywood, Ca.

Justin Kreutzmann, Director. Son of Bill Kreutzmann, drummer for the Grateful Dead. Shot in LA, Ca.

Rufus Wainwright, Musician. Son of folk singer, Kate McGarrigle and Loudon Wainwright III.

Laura Johnston, Singer/Songwriter. Daughter of Tom Johnston, lead singer of the Doobie Brothers. Shot in West Hollywood, Ca.

Miles J. Schon, Musican. Son of Neal Schon, lead singer of the band, Jurney. Shot in Stinson Beach, Ca.

Natalie Sears, Event Designer. Daughter of bass and keyboardist, Pete Sears of the Jefferson Starship, Shot in San Rafael, Ca.

Sara Wasserma, founder of Music Heals. Daughter of Rob Wasserman, bassist for Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Lou Reed, and Neil Young. Shot in Mill Vally, Ca.

Lukas Nelson, Musician. Son of Willie Nelson. Shot in Hollywood, Ca.

Mikey Rowan, Singer/ Songwriter. Son of Bluegrass legend, Peter Rowan. Shot in West Marin County, Ca.

Mikey, John, and Amanda Rowan, children of Bluegrass legend, Peter Rowan. Shot in West Marin County, Ca.

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